Innovation Bulletin Board software @Corporate Innovation Conference

Another exciting moment is approaching for our team since we took the role of ExpoExhibitor in the upcoming Corporate Innovation Conference (CIC).  For the second year in a row, CIC

gathers major regional players in the domain of corporate innovations as well as solution providers, consultants and other experts in different areas of innovation. The central topic of this year’s BelExpo CIC experience will be The Search for New Business Models and we’ve prepared our contribution. 

On October, 22nd all CIC participants will have an opportunity for the first-hand experience of our software solution – Innovation Bulletin Board. We will be there, offering you a thorough explanation of the software usage and benefits for your business needs, as well as on-the-spot demo trial of both Web and Mobile version of our Innovation Bulletin Board. 

We invite you to come and join us, learn more about innovation and how to explore new business models for the increased value of your business, all of which can be powered by GET Innovation Bulletin Board. On top of it, we’ve prepared $special pricing$ for Innovation Bulletin Board software which will be available for all orders initiated during the conference day. 

The rest of the story awaits you at our stand…

Hope to see you soon!

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