Our Culture

GET is people.


We are innovators, engineers, designers and project managers who work with clients to produce great results in their businesses. We strongly value creativity and innovation in our employees and we believe that our main advantage is full commitment to the task. True commitment comes from personal dedication and personal satisfaction with the job and tasks that need to be done.


In order to achieve personal satisfaction, all of our employees are motivated to improve themselves professionally, to learn and thrive.  In the spirit of altruism, senior colleagues are always helping their younger and less experienced peers, as we all grow and develop as a team. Above all, we value team spirit and teamwork. We help our team members constantly adopt new technologies and skills.


We passionately promote and reward flexibility. We believe that a job has to satisfy the personal ambitions and goals of each individual in order to be performed with passion, vigour and zest. This is why we pay special care to match the needs of our people with the needs of the business. Our employees are free to participate in the fields of their interest, regardless of position.

At GET, we’re committed to ensuring that our employees enjoy a range of incredible benefits that truly enhance their work experience. Our compensation plan is thoughtfully designed to align with your professional growth. We offer a clear and exciting long-term career path within our organization, fostering continuous development. Our highly-skilled teams provide an environment of excellence, complete with dedicated mentorship for junior members.

Our hybrid work model promotes flexibility, while private health insurance safeguards your well-being. The learning and growth program we provide includes access to top educational platforms like Udemy, Pluralsight, and the GET Library. Language classes in English and German open doors to enhanced communication. Team buildings and events strengthen bonds, while FitPass and tickets to various events contribute to your leisure. Engage in weekly sports activities ranging from football to volleyball. Unwind in our gaming room equipped with billiards, table football, darts, and board games.

We care about your health with fruit, snacks, and a wholesome breakfast, accompanied by tea and coffee. Celebrating special occasions, we offer thoughtful gifts and vouchers. If your role demands it, the possibility to travel abroad adds an exciting dimension to your journey at GET. Our benefits are designed to support your holistic well-being and professional growth every step of the way.


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