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Danube Meeting Master is a collaborative tool that provides support for meeting organization activities, meeting execution and meeting follow-up activities. Meeting attendees can participate in the meeting personally or by using mobile or desktop devices. Unlike web conferencing software products, Danube Meeting Master is designed to drive results by bringing clarity to the meeting purpose, process, and outcomes. Danube Meeting Master is a perfect tool for meetings such as Boards of Directors, Product Boards, Credit Approval Boards, Shareholders boards, and other formal meeting types that are followed by executive decisions.

Meeting Organization

Danube Meeting Master allows the meeting organizer to schedule meetings and to invite all relevant participants, to nominate and prepare meeting topics and to upload supporting documentation. Danube Meeting Master supports integration with Outlook calendar.

Meeting Execution

Danube Meeting Master allows meeting participants to discuss and vote during a meeting for previously submitted topics. By using Meeting Master, an organization, its internal and external stakeholders will always have a tool capable of depicting how and why decisions were made. What is more, once the meeting comes to a conclusion, all decisions made by the meeting participants can be easily electronically signed.

Online conferencing tools integration

Integration with Google Hangout and Skype.

Meeting follow-up

Danube Meeting Master allows all the meeting participants to understand what the meeting outcomes are and to follow up on the meeting action points.

Decision implementation

Danube Meeting Master allows all interested parties to follow up on the implementation of decisions reached in the meeting. Regardless of whether the execution of decisions is done in Danube or an external system (like Jira or Confluence), Meeting Master is able to track and report about the decision implementation progress.


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