Enterprise Controlling and Monitoring

Enterprise Controlling and MonitoringECM – is a product that enables operations, productivity controlling and monitoring with seamless communication between all involved components (humans, software or hardware) within the Enterprise.

ECM is used in various industry verticals, from Automotive Production Plants over Bank Branch Networks up to regular offices.

ECM is a web-based solution easily accessible through desktop or mobile devices. The ECM can work as a part of your private network or be made publicly available and it can be easily integrated into a wider business solution through a standardized set of APIs.

It enables structured communication between multiple teams on multiple locations within the enterprise by providing a transparent process of Ticket Creation, Ticket Routing through a predefined workflow, Ticket Reassignment and Reporting capabilities.

Ticket Management

ECM supports various ticket types routed through either predefined or custom workflows. Depending on the ticket type, a ticket can have different appearance or behaviour. Ticket types, appearance, and behaviour can be easily customized and configured.

Ticket Creation

The ECM system supports ticket creation from various sources – by human action, or automated ticket creation triggered by hardware or software.

Ticket Visibility

Configurable ticket visibility allows to define various roles with different permission levels in the ticket resolution process.

Ticket Assignment

Once the ticket has been created, it will be assigned to a responsible user group defined for the ticket type. Each member of the user group will be able to assign the ticket to a particular user.

Ticket Transition

Each ticket type has its own workflow. The ticket Workflow contains states and transitions the ticket has to go through from inception up to the terminal status. Different states and transitions can have different responsible users and teams and different custom fields that need to be filled. This approach offers a transparent process in which the user is navigated even if the process requires approval or involvement of a different team in the process.


ECM supports email notification along the entire ticket lifecycle. The notification can be triggered on ticket creation, ticket transitions, ticket assignment and ticket closing as well as reminder notifications. Notifications can be customized per role and group and can be sent to both users and user groups.

Locations and Checkpoints

ECM supports multiple locations and checkpoints. Within each location, multiple areas will be supported as well as multiple checkpoints in each area. Different types of checkpoints are available, i.e. Workstation, printer, switch access point etc. The user will have a visual layout of the given area with accurate checkpoint positioning.

User Management

ECM supports integration with Active Directory which enables simple and easy user management. Each user registered in the Active Directory will be able to use ECM without any additional configuration. Also, it is possible to allow access to users who are not included in the active directory. Such users will have to enter a username and password in order to access the application.

Each user can be placed in one or more user groups that will determine user department, location, support group etc. Permissions can be added to both users and user groups and help to further define what each user can see or do.


ECM has rich reporting and BI functionalities that can be configured according to user needs. ECM offers out-of-the-box reporting capabilities with predefined reports. Additional reports could be implemented based on user needs.

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